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The mPort is your secret for creating a seamless and more effective IP network in your home or office. This is a device where you can attach your sensors via a Cat5 Ethernet cable. After that, you can be connected to the controller software of the entire system.

Can Handle 3 Sensors at One Time

The mPort has been designed to carry not just one but three different or similar sensors at one time. These include the door sensors, which are used to detect entrance or exit in your openings such as doors and windows; current sensors, which are meant to determine the direct current flowing in your home or office; and temperature sensors, which can be customized to activate temperature-sensing devices. You can also use this for your wall and ceiling mount sensors.

Is Quick to Install

Installing the mPort is definitely a no-brainer. All the accessories you need for a proper and quick installation process such as brackets are already included in the package. Measuring 100mm in height, 60mm in width, and 36.5mm in depth and weighing about 4.02 ounces, this is a very portable device. Moreover, because it is meant to work with a variety of sensors, you can choose whatever orientation you like, whether to mount this on the ceiling, wall, door, or even your window. In less than 15 minutes, you can already have a full-fledged networked device connected to the IP network. It also comes with 1 10/100 port (Ethernet), 1 terminal block port, and a pair of RJ45 port (mFi).


Once everything is set up, you are then redirected to the mFi controller software, which can then be installed in your desktop PC or laptop. There you can take advantage of more advanced features such as controlling the sensors remotely or schedule their functions. Further, you can perform analytics.

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