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mPower Pro

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mPower Pro

The mPower Pro is truly designed for enterprises. While the basic ones are made up of one or two ports, this one has incorporated 6, all of which are accompanied by power-sensing capabilities. It doesn’t come as a surprise anymore why the mPower Pro allows you to speed up the networking buildup either in your home or office.

Impressive Networking Capabilities

Like the rest of the Ubiquiti hardware options, the mPower Pro can be used alongside other peripherals such as wall mount motion sensors, ceiling mount motion sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, and current sensors. You can also use this alongside the ToughSwitch PoE accessory, which offers not just PoE support but also ample protection against ESD.

Connection to the IP Network

The mPower Pro, like the mPower and mPower Mini, already has WiFi capabilities. This means you can now ccess the device through the IP network. It makes configuration, customization, and monitoring more immediate, more effective, more efficient, and more reliable. This is also one of the best uses of IP access. A few years ago, this is limited to surveillance cameras only.

Ease of Configuration, Use, and Maintenance

The mPower Pro makes use of plug-and-play installation. As its name suggests, simply plug this, connect the necessary devices to the port, and you can have all the systems ready in record time. The ease of handling and configuration is also a testament of how easy this is to maintain.

Access through Mobile Support

The multi-port unit is compatible with various mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, as long as they are running using iOS and Android operating systems. You can now monitor and manage the mPower Pro anytime and anywhere.

The mPower Pro also runs with mFi controller software, which gives you more control on settings such as auto-detection and advanced analytics.

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