Wall Mount Motion Sensor

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Wall Mount Motion Sensor

It’s time to make your life easier and more convenient. Install a wall mount motion sensor today using the best one from Ubiquiti Network.

Dual Technology

The wall mount motion sensor is uniquely designed as it uses two of the best motion-sensing technologies in the market today. It possesses passive infrared, which means the device itself doesn’t emit any kind of energy. It also doesn’t measure “heat,” which is provided by the object being detected. It reacts only when it captures different energy. It is also equipped with a microwave motion, which measures what is being reflected off by the object the sensor hits. Both are effective in greatly reducing false detections. This is especially important when the sensor is connected to a device.

Fast Setup

A lot of people do struggle when it comes to installing and managing sensors, whether they are mounted on the walls or ceilings. However, this wall mount motion sensor saves you from a lot of headaches. The brackets that you need are already included in the package. You can use them to mount the motion sensor on the walls as well as on the ceiling, though the coverage of the latter may not be as wide as when you use a ceiling-specific sensor. All parts are plug and play. Just plug and you can quickly configure and run the system.

Convenient Monitoring

The wall mount motion sensor’s package has a software CD, which you can install so you can set up and properly keep track of the sensor. The software also permits you to configure the settings of your sensor, determining triggers, among other things.

More Control

The wall mount motion sensor gives you power through integration into the IP network. You can now monitor the sensor and even update it while you’re mobile.

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